Fairy Tales

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4 – 9

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Kindergarten – 2




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Kids will meet The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and Sleeping Beauty in classic fairy tales with positive endings. When three little pigs leave home to build houses of their own, their mother warns them of a wicked wolf. The pigs learn a valuable lesson as the hungry wolf is determined to eat them for supper. In the next story, Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother becomes sick, so she decides to visit her and bring her a basket of her favorite things. Who will Little Red Riding Hood meet at grandmother’s house? Find out how a nearby woodcutter saves the day in this classic fairy tale about another wicked wolf. Finally, young listeners will meet a princess named Briar Rose. When a mean fairy casts a wicked spell on Briar Rose, the entire castle falls into a deep sleep. Who will be able to break the spell? Happy endings to these classic fairy tales encourage a lifelong love of great storytelling.

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1. Fairy Tales Intro 0:06:32
2. Fairy Tales Storytime 0:14:53
3. Fairy Tales Wrap Up 0:02:12


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