Nursery Rhyme Time

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3 – 8

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PreSchool – 3




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Nursery rhymes are a great way for kids to learn early literacy skills with silly rhymes, repetitive lyrics, and positive endings. Even though Humpty Dumpty has a great fall, children work together to mend Humpty with glue and tape. Fun sound effects coupled with adorable rhymes and songs will have everyone laughing and singing along with these 12 classic nursery rhymes including “Hickory, Dickory Dock,” “Hey, Diddle, Diddle,” “Oh, Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?” “Jack and Jill,” “London Bridge,” “This Little Pig,” and many more!

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1. Nursery Rhyme Time Intro 0:02:38
2. Nursery Rhyme Time Storytime 0:14:29
3. Nursery Rhyme Time Wrap Up 0:01:31


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