Rhymes That Count

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2 – 11

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PreSchool – 7




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Join the “Five Little Skunks” on a picnic and the “Six Little Ducks” by the lake for rhymes, counting, and singing! Afterwards we’re going to learn about “Rhymes to Count On”, a story jam-packed with nursery rhymes and fun! And speaking of counting, we’re going to practice “Counting to Twenty” before concluding by introducing children to the skip counting method to help them learn how to count all the way to 100! Engaging sound-effects and fun music will entertain pre-readers as these rhyming nursery rhymes reinforce early literacy skills needed for school success.

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1. Rhymes That Count Intro 0:04:49
2. Rhymes That Count Storytime 0:13:11
3. Rhymes That Count Wrap Up 0:02:32


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