Toy Stories

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2 – 12

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PreSchool – 7




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What happens when a stuffed bunny wants to become a real bunny? Find out in our first story “The Velveteen Rabbit”. Then let’s join a little boy as he imagines all the fun he would have if his dinosaur toy came to life in “If I Had A Dinosaur”. Choo-choo! “The Magic Train” is on it’s way to save the toys lost by boys and girls in this charming story. Finally, find out what happens when all the toys of Plesasantville come to life to help the children and the adults in “The Night The Toys Came Alive”. Fun sound-effects and endearing stories makes story time the best time of the day.

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1. Toy Stories Intro 0:07:49
2. Toy Stories Storytime 0:08:26
3. Toy Stories Wrap Up 0:06:34


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