Run, Run, As Fast As You Can

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Age Range

3 – 8

Grade Range

PreSchool – 3




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No one can catch the Gingerbread Man, but what happens when he meets a sly fox? Lively music and fun sound effects help tell the classic story of “The Gingerbread Man.” Then the adventure continues when three little pigs meet a wicked wolf. Which little pig will outwit the hungry wolf? And how will he help his siblings? Finally, young learners will be amazed at quick-thinking Mabel Mouse, and see how her plan to outsmart Tiger the cat unravels. Happy endings and silly sound effects will leave kids smiling, laughing, and learning!

Track Runtime Add to Cart
1. Run, Run, As Fast As You Can Intro 0:06:05
2. Run, Run, As Fast As You Can Storytime 0:06:17
3. Run, Run, As Fast As You Can Wrap Up 0:08:46


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