Let’s Celebrate Presidents’ Day

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3 – 9

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PreSchool – 4




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Have you ever thought about running for President of the United States of America? Learn about what the President does and the history of some of America’s favorite Presidents. There are so many fun facts about our presidents. Did you know that our 30th President, Calvin Coolidge had a pet raccoon named Rebecca that he would walk around on a leash? Or, that our 18th President, Ulysses S. Grant, loved race horses that one day he was arrested for speeding around Washington D.C., in a horse and buggy? Kids will love to listen to inspiring patriotic music and sing-along to songs like “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and “Yankee Doodle Dandy”, which are as much a part of United States history as the presidency itself.

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1. Let's Celebrate Presidents' Day Intro 0:02:48
2. Let's Celebrate Presidents' Day Storytime 0:17:44
3. Let's Celebrate Presidents' Day Wrap Up 0:01:07


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