What A Zoo!

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3 – 8

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PreSchool – 4




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Where can you go to find exotic and beautiful animals? Why, at your local zoo! Join us for singing and fun as we go on an exciting safari through the grasslands of Africa to learn about elephants, cheetahs, giraffes and more! Did you know that the first thing a baby zebra learns after birth is its mother’s stripe pattern? Or that elephants give birth once every five years and each pregnancy lasts two whole years? Fun facts about safari animals will encourage kids to learn more about these amazing creatures. The learning continues as kids go on a wacky fieldtrip to the zoo. Authentic sound-effects, fun songs, and engaging stories make for the perfect combination of learning and entertainment.

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1. What A Zoo! Intro 0:03:56
2. What A Zoo! Storytime 0:14:02
3. What A Zoo! Wrap Up 0:02:48


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