I Love You, More

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3 – 8

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PreSchool – 3




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“I Love You, More,” is a perfect story for settling down after a fun-filled day. From meeting Bailey, a seven-year old author, and listening to a fun game she played with her mom, Kim, little ones will make up their own “I Love You, More,” examples. But bedtime would not be complete without taking a bath beforehand! Fun music and silly lyrics will take children on a bath time adventure as they sing songs like “Smelly Feet,” and “It’s Bath Time!” Finally, sleepyheads will say goodnight with Mama Cat, Mama Mouse, Mama Horse, and Mama Bird for one last story and lullaby. Fun sound effects, engaging songs, and charming stories are a great way to bond before night-night time.

Track Runtime Add to Cart
1. I Love You More! Intro 0:04:30
2. I Love You More! Storytime 0:13:52
3. I Love You More! Wrap Up 0:01:10


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