Kindness Matters

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3 – 8

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PreSchool – 2




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Let’s talk about KINDNESS! What does it mean to be kind? Kids will learn the importance of being kind, compassionate, caring, friendly, loving, and respectful of people’s differences. In our first story, kids will visit the “Land of Mermaids” and find out what happens with the littlest mermaid doesn’t look like any of the other mermaids. There are so many ways to be kind throughout the day, like holding the door open for the person walking behind you. Or, writing a note, or drawing a picture, to give it to someone just because you want to brighten their day. This audiobook gives many wonderful examples of showing kindness and encourages children to make a list of their own ideas. Stories and a fun song “Say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You,’” will encourage children to think about ways to be kind. Remember. . . In a world where you can be anything….BE KIND!

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1. Kindness Matters Intro 0:03:58
2. Kindness Matters Storytime 0:08:01
3. Kindness Matters Wrap Up 0:02:23


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