At Home Learning Dinosaur Songs

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4 – 9

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Kindergarten – 4




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Learning at home is as easy as singing your favorite song. With this musical science lesson, kids will learn about dinosaurs, fossils, prehistoric life, and the amazing occupation of a paleontologist. Whether singing about the fierce Tyrannosaurus rex, learning that Brachiosaurus was bigger than a school bus, or the tools needed to go on a dinosaur dig, young science enthusiasts will explore the interesting world of DINOSAURS. This collection of original songs will encourage kids to put down their devices and visit their local museum to learn more about these amazing, prehistoric creatures. Perfect for at home learning, distance learning, day care centers, schools, or traveling.

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1. Let's Go On A Dinosaur Dig 0:02:19 $0.99 - Add to Cart
2. When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Paleontologist 0:02:24 $0.99 - Add to Cart
3. I Found A Fossil 0:02:00 $0.99 - Add to Cart
4. I Am Stegosaurus 0:03:05 $0.99 - Add to Cart
5. Tyrannosaurus Rex Didn't Get His Supper 0:03:22 $0.99 - Add to Cart
6. What Colors Were The Dinosaurs? 0:02:10 $0.99 - Add to Cart
7. It's The Three-Horned Dinosaur 0:03:29 $0.99 - Add to Cart
8. The Brachiosaurus Rap 0:02:29 $0.99 - Add to Cart
9. Where Did All The Dinosaurs Go? 0:03:25 $0.99 - Add to Cart
10. I'm Not A Dinosaur 0:02:08 $0.99 - Add to Cart
11. Plesiosaurus, Do You Like To Swim? 0:02:45 $0.99 - Add to Cart
12. Good Things Come In Small Packages 0:03:08 $0.99 - Add to Cart


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