Soothing Sounds

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0 – 16

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PreSchool – 12




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Authentic household sounds featuring the low hum of a window fan, the rumble of a vacuum cleaner, the pitter-patter of running bath water, the quiet drone of the clothes dryer, and a long ride in the car, will ensure a peaceful sleep for baby. Play these sounds over and over on repeat so everyone can get a good night’s sleep. Authentic sounds, not manufactured sound effects, makes this the perfect album ideal for home, school, travel, and even for tired parents and shirt-workers.

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1. Clothes Dryer Drone 0:11:34 $0.99 - Add to Cart
2. Window Fan Hum 0:11:34 $0.99 - Add to Cart
3. Pitter-Patter Bathwater 0:11:33 $0.99 - Add to Cart
4. Vacuum Cleaner Rumble 0:11:34 $0.99 - Add to Cart
5. White Noise 0:11:33 $0.99 - Add to Cart
6. A Ride In The Car 0:11:35 $0.99 - Add to Cart


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