Giddy Up



Age Range

2 – 12

Grade Range

PreSchool – 7




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Did you know that horses, zebras, and donkeys are all related? They belong to the same animal family that scientists call Equidae. Get ready to learn more in “Know It Alls: Horses.” Have you ever wondered what the difference is between horses and ponies? Well, you’re about to find out in “Horses and Ponies.” Then stand up, get loose, and get ready to sing along to classic favorites like “Old MacDonald Had A Farm,” and “The Farmer in the Dell.” Children will love these fascinating facts, a delightful story, and fun songs!

Track Runtime Add to Cart
1. Giddy Up Intro 0:01:54
2. Giddy Up Storytime 0:18:51
3. Giddy Up Wrap Up 0:02:31


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