At Home Learning Songs About The Weather



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4 – 9

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PreSchool – 3




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Learning at home is as easy as singing your favorite song. With this musical science lesson, kids will learn about the weather, thunder and lightning, tornadoes and hurricanes, the water cycle, warm and cold fronts, and much more. Did you know that thunder is the noise made by lightning? Lightning and thunder happen at the same time. But have you ever noticed that you will see lightning before you hear thunder? That’s because light travels faster than sound. Information is presented in a way young learners will understand and remember. If you’ve thought about studying the weather and becoming a meteorologist, this collection of songs is for you! So, put down your devices and sing a few songs to learn why the weather is always changing and the tools meteorologists use to predict the weather. Perfect for at home learning, distance learning, day care centers, schools, or traveling.

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1. What Is Thunder And Lightning? 0:02:21 $0.99 - Add to Cart
2. The Weather's Always Changing 0:02:04 $0.99 - Add to Cart
3. Tornadoes And Hurricanes 0:03:02 $0.99 - Add to Cart
4. When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Meteorologist 0:02:23 $0.99 - Add to Cart
5. Tools To Predict The Weather 0:03:44 $0.99 - Add to Cart
6. It's Called The Water Cycle 0:02:35 $0.99 - Add to Cart
7. What Is Wind? 0:03:39 $0.99 - Add to Cart
8. I See An Elephant In The Sky 0:02:16 $0.99 - Add to Cart
9. Spring And Summer 0:03:26 $0.99 - Add to Cart
10. Fall And Winter 0:02:21 $0.99 - Add to Cart
11. There Are Four Seasons 0:01:30 $0.99 - Add to Cart
12. What Does A Meteorologist Do? 0:02:45 $0.99 - Add to Cart
13. Dress For The Weather 0:01:24 $0.99 - Add to Cart


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