20 Animal Songs Every Child Should Know

Ages: Toddler - 8
Grades: PreK - 2

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Aspiring zoologists, as well as the classic animal lover, will love this collection of songs. Learn what makes a mammal a mammal, that a koala is really not a cuddly bear, and other fun animal facts. Sing rhyming words in “Down By The Bay,” and practice counting with the “Five Little Skunks.” Perfect for little ones of all ages, this collection is packed with fun, factual information and learning!

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1. Five Little Skunks 03:30

2. Sammy Sue 01:10

3. A Little Cat, Cat, Cat 01:06

4. Old MacDonald Had A Farm 02:17

5. Six Little Ducks 01:16

6. Down By The Bay 01:21

7. If I Only Had A Dog 02:11

8. Koalas Are Not Bears 02:05

9. Did You Know That Monkeys Like To Swing? 02:45

10. Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

11. What Is A Mammal? 02:59

12. Froggy, You’re So Green 03:35

13. Do You Know What Has A Trunk? 02:16

14. Bought Me a Cat 02:49

15. One Lonely Bird 02:08

16. The Farmer In The Dell 01:35

17. Hey Diddle Diddle 01:07

18. The Peacock Song 02:46

19. What Does A Zoologist Do All Day? 02:55

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