2019 Book Excellence Award Winner!

A Marvelous Plan In Bethlehem was the Children’s religious winner at the 2019 Book Excellence Awards!  More on the contest and winners can be read here: http://www.kake.com/story/40795088/announcing-the-2019-book-excellence-award-winners Book Excellence Awards – Winner: https://honorees.bookexcellenceawards.com/#!/A-Marvelous-Plan-I ...Read more

Ants In My Pants

Young entomologists will learn about What is an Insect and True Bugs. But first, they’ll sing and dance to the silly song Ants in My Pants. There are tons of amazing facts about bugs and insects that children will learn about in Know it Alls! Bugs. Then we’ll end with more singing and dancing as children learn about metamorphosis and wh ...Read more

Reading Fun For Everyone

Let’s take a trip to Old MacDonald’s letter farm to sing our ABC’s with some silly friends before singing a silly alphabet song! Then we’re going to learn about different words that begin with each letter in My First ABC Book. Then children will learn all about short vowels, long vowels, and consonant blends. Fun songs, silly stories and so ...Read more

The Family Pet

We kick things off with a song about ‘If I Had a Dog’. After that, we’re going to the pet store with a little boy who picks up the most adorable puppy. But it doesn’t take long for him to learn and love how much responsibility it needed to take care of a pet. Then, we’re going to learn all kinds of interesting facts about kittens. Finally ...Read more

Make New Friends

What does it mean to be a good friend? First, let’s see what happens when Montague Morton Meriwether Smith becomes the new kid in class. Then we’re going to sing about making new friends before we meet a friendly school bus. Join us for encouraging songs and positive stories that will teach children about the importance of friendship. ...Read more

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can

No one can catch the gingerbread man, but what happens when he meets a sly fox? Then let’s find out which little pig can outwit a wicked wolf! And for our final story, we’ll meet quick-thinking Mabel Mouse, and see how her plan to outsmart Tiger the cat unravels. Happy endings and silly sound effects will leave children smiling and laughing. ...Read more

Let’s Celebrate Presidents’ Day

Have you ever thought about running for President of the United States of America? Learn about what the President does and the history of some of America’s favorite Presidents. And sing along to songs like “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” which is an important part of The United States’ history. ...Read more

I Love You, More

Meet Kim’s daughter, Bailey, as they read “I Love You, More”, a book they had written together when Bailey was only 7. Silly songs about smelly feet and bathtime make getting ready for bed a blast. Then say goodnight with Mama Cat, Mama Mouse, Mama Horse and Mama Bird for one last story and lullaby. Fun sound effects, engaging songs, and char ...Read more

Winter Time Wiggles

What do you want to do when you grow up? Maybe you want to be a fire fighter or a construction worker, or a teacher, or famous singer! Kids will have fun exploring different careers as they meet Sammy The Steamroller, Connie The Crane, and Bill The Bulldozer—and even learn about owning their own company someday. Authentic sound-effects, fun songs ...Read more

Evergreen Podcasts Launches Kid’s Podcast Storytime Anytime

Evergreen Podcasts, a Cleveland, Ohio-based podcast network, has partnered with Twin Sisters Digital Media®, an Akron, OH-based creator and provider of high quality, educational books and music for children of all ages. Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand and Kim Mitzo Thompson are the twins behind Twin Sisters®. They believe in the powerful teaching aspect ...Read more

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