The Presidents United States Presidential Fact Book



Age Range

6 – 12

Grade Range

1 – 6

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PDF eBook

Kids of all ages will enjoy learning fascinating historical facts about all 46 presidents from George Washington through Joe Biden, in this United States Presidential Fact Book! Included on each fact page is information about each president’s early years, previous occupation, presidency accomplishments, and the vice president that served on his administration. Kids will learn fun facts about each president like Ulysses S. Grant was arrested and fined $20 because he drove his horses too fast, and Woodrow Wilson enjoyed golf so much, that he played in the snow using black balls! Other facts include that Dwight D. Eisenhower was the only president who served in both world wars and the first with a pilot’s license, and that John F. Kennedy was the youngest president elected to office and the first who had served in the U.S. Navy. Did you know that George Washington wore size 13 shoes and had only one tooth at the time of his inauguration? Learning the names, dates, and facts about each president has never been more fun!


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