Roaring Adventurers Set #2 Bundle

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Age Range

7 – 10

Grade Range

2 – 4

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This 3-pack of engaging workbooks and learning songs is a great way for children to develop important early childhood skills. In “Phonics & Punctuation” children will apply grade level phonics to fill in missing digraphs in a sentence. Kids will learn the correct punctuation to use for statements, commands, questions, and exclamatory sentences and proofread simple stories. They will also learn about common and proper nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and verbs. In “Addition & Subtraction” kids will review addition and subtraction facts through 18, learn about fact families, place value, and solve word problems. Kids will check addition facts with subtraction facts, learn to solve two-digit and three-digit addition and subtraction problems with and without regrouping. “Reading Comprehension” is packed full of activities that with encourage children to identify the sequence and main idea of a story and recall specific story details. Engaging stories and adorable art will help kids improve reading comprehension skills after completing the variety of different activities. The full-color pages provide plenty of practice to help build learning confidence and increase school success. Learning subtraction facts is as easy as singing your favorite song. So, included in this fabulous set are songs that teach subtraction facts through minuends of 10, as well as subtraction strategies! With these upbeat rhythms, cool melodies, and enough practice, kids will become subtraction experts in no time! Kids will learn to “think addition,” when learning subtraction, why the “count down one,” strategy is helpful, and how to make a “fact family!” Facts are presented with the answers and then without the answers for additional practice and repetition. Learning subtraction facts will be challenging and fun with this collection of songs that is perfect for home, school, or traveling.


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