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PreSchool – 1


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My First Songs Collection is packed full of songs that are perfect for morning, noon, and night. Children will learn the alphabet, beginning letter sounds, counting from 1-20, beginning addition, and more with “ABCs & 123s.” Catchy melodies, repetitive lyrics, and rhyming words encourage early literacy and math skills in a fun way. Join Old MacDonald on his Letter Farm and count to ten with “This Old Man.” Then with “Action Songs” active learners will get up and sing, clap, march, and play! They will enjoy following simple directions with “Simon Says” and doing the “Birthday Limbo!” Upbeat, engaging songs, encourage action and learning at the same time. Then off to learn about animals and surprising facts. Young children will learn what sounds a variety of animals make and then play “Can You Name That Animal Sound?” From learning about mammals and that “koalas” are not bears, little ones will enjoy the catchy sing along songs about cute, cuddly, enormous, and smelly animals! Children love the rhyme and repetition of nursery rhymes. And they will love our new, happy ending to the classic “Humpty Dumpty,” song. Once Little learners are tired, our lullaby albums are a wonderful, calming way to end a busy day. “Lullabies From Around the World” features instrumental favorites. These ageless classics will help comfort your child as the gracefully woven melodies provide a soothing positive musical experience. “Sing Me to Dreamland” features exquisite instrumentation including the flute, oboe, violin, guitar, soft piano, and other instruments. Sung by children for little ears, these classic lullabies will lull you and your baby to dreamland. This 6 album set is a great resource for home, school, or day care centers.
TW5517 Nursery Rhymes: Humpty Dumpty Sat On a Wall and more…
ABC Nursery Rhyme Game, Hickory, Dickory, Dock, Little Miss Muffet, This Little Pig Went To Market, Baa, Baa Black Sheep, Hey Diddle Diddle, Little Boy Blue, It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, Humpty Dumpty, Pat-A-Cake Pat-A-Cake, A Tisket A Tasket, The Muffin Man, Little Jack Horner, Sing A Song Of Sixpence, Ring Around The Rosy, Wee Willie Winkie
TW5518 Action Songs: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes and More
Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes, If You’re Happy And You Know It, Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed, Jump Rope Rhyme, What Color Are You Wearing?, Do Your Ears Hang Low?, Let Everyone Clap Hands Like Me, The Farmer In The Dell, Sing-A-Ling, The Wheels On The Bus, A Sailor Went To Sea, Follow My Directions, Simon Says, Duck, Duck, Goose!, Birthday Limbo, Pass The Hot Potato
TW5521 Lullabies From Around The World – Instrumental Classics
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star / Hush, Now My baby / Moother Goose Lullaby, Sou Gan / German Cradle Song / The Sandman Comes / Bye, Baby Bunting, Little Brother’s Lullaby / To Babyland / Dance A Baby Diddy / Slumber Song, The Family / Baby Bye / Baby Sleep / The Clouds / Baloo Baleerie, A Basque Lullaby / Once Upon A Time / Cronan, Mozart’s Lullaby, It’s Night, Night Time, The Sandman Comes, Go To Sleep, Little One, All Night, All Day, Raindrops, Fingers And Toes, Armenian Lullaby
TW5522 Animal Learning Songs
Old MacDonald Had A Farm, Hickory, Dickory, Dock, Six Little Ducks, The Farmer In The Dell, Can You Name That Animal Sound?, Five Little Skunks, Bought Me a Cat, Do You Know What Has A Trunk?, Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?, What Is A Mammal?, King Of The Beasts, Koalas Are Not Bears, Hey Diddle Diddle, Baa, Baa Black Sheep, Little Boy Blue
TW5523 123s & ABCs
Old MacDonald’s Letter Farm, This Old Man, The ABC Song, ABC Nursery Rhyme Game, The Animal Alphabet, Alphabet Rock, Silly Alphabet Song, The Alphabet Swing, Counting To Ten, Counting To Twenty, Ten In The Bed, Ten Little Bumblebees, A Is For Alligator, One Lonely Bird, Five Little Skunks, Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed, Learning To Add Is Fun, Six Little Ducks, This Is The Sound, Letters That We Write, Singing The Consonant Sounds, I Can Add
TW5524 Sing Me To Dreamland: Golden Slumbers Kiss Your Eyes…
All The Pretty Little Horses, Brahms’ Lullaby, Golden Slumbers, Rock-A-Bye Baby, Hush, Little Baby, Welsh Lullaby, All Through The Night, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Mother Goose Lullaby, Winkum, Winkum, Go To Sleep, Now The Day Is Over, Dance To Your Daddy, Sleep, Baby Sleep, German Cradle Song, This Little Pig Went To Market, Raisins And Almonds, Sou Gan


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