DIY Nature Projects for Early Learners



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4 – 6

Grade Range

PreSchool – Kindergarten

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DIY Nature Crafts for Early Learners is the perfect tool for educators who want to engage their students in hands-on learning experiences. This workbook features a variety of activities that encourage children to explore the natural world around them. The activities in this workbook range from making pretend binoculars to creating clay critters and rock creatures. With each activity, children will learn about different aspects of nature, from insects and animals to rocks and plants.

One of the highlights of this workbook is the Nature Hunt Cut-Outs, which children can use to explore their surroundings and identify different items in nature. Additionally, the workbook includes an activity where children can collect items such as twigs, leaves, and rocks and sort them based on their attributes, such as size, weight, and texture.

The workbook also includes activities that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. For example, children can play “Guess My Rock” where they describe a rock and have their partner guess which one it is. They can also create a trail of cookie crumbs to observe the behavior of ants.

Overall, the DIY Nature Products for Early Learners Workbook is an excellent resource for educators who want to encourage their students to explore and appreciate the natural world. With its engaging activities and hands-on approach, this workbook is sure to spark children’s curiosity and encourage them to become lifelong learners.

These crafts can also help your child or grandchild reach their full potential and excel in their studies with this engaging and effective printable workbook.


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