Bookworm Buddies Set #2 Bundle

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Age Range

6 – 8

Grade Range

1 – 2

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This 3-pack of engaging workbooks and learning songs is a great way for children to develop important early childhood skills. In “Phonics” children will review beginning and ending consonant sounds, short vowels, long vowels, understanding y as a vowel, and the silent “e.” Kids will trace and write words to complete a variety of activities that support early literacy skills. In “Reading Comprehension” kids will read short stories using picture cues to help them identify what the story says, recognize a story’s setting, and learn word meaning and usage. They will write or draw the answers to questions about each story and complete fun activities. “Words & Rhymes” is packed full of activities that will help children develop important literacy skills as they explore rhyming words, read simple sentences, and writing words to complete sentences. Kids will write number words, color words, and rhyming words with adorable picture cues. The full-color pages provide plenty of practice to help build learning confidence and increase school success. Also included in this fabulous set are Advanced Phonics songs that teach blends, digraphs, diphthongs, rhyming words, compound words, synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms. This collection helps the listener realize the difference between words that sound similar, like; blue and blew. Words that sound the same can be difficult to differentiate, but after listening to these songs, it will become much easier! Music makes learning fun. So, download these songs that are perfect for home, school, or traveling.


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