Bookworm Buddies Set #1 Bundle

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Age Range

6 – 8

Grade Range

1 – 2

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This 3-pack of engaging workbooks and learning songs is a great way for children to develop important early childhood skills. In “Sight Word Fun” children will develop important pre-reading skills by learning to recognize 46 high-frequency sight words. Kids will trace sight words, complete “find-a-word” puzzles, and read simple sentences using the words they have learned. They will also write sentences with sight words using correct punctuation. “Ready to Read & Write” is packed full of activities that will help children develop important literacy skills as they explore rhyming words, read simple sentences, understand sequence, and understand sentence meaning. Kids will trace, write, and read words and sentences using picture cues to help along the way. In “Short & Long Vowels” kids will learn important phonetic skills that will help them decode and read words. Kids will identify short and long vowels using picture cues. They will write and read words to complete sentences, identify rhyming words, and follow simple directions. The full-color pages provide plenty of practice to help build learning confidence and increase school success. Also included in this fabulous set are informative songs about Dinosaurs. Do you want to know more about the fierce Tyrannosaurus rex? If so, you will love this collection of songs about amazing prehistoric creatures like Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and the flying Pteranodon. Even though Pteranodon is not a dinosaur, this flying reptile is really a unique creature. Kids will learn about fossils and the fun occupation of a paleontologist. Get ready to explore the fascinating world of paleontology with these fact-filled songs! Music makes learning fun. So, download these award-winning songs that are perfect for home, school, or traveling.


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