At Home Learning Multiplication Rap

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7 – 12

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3 – 6




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Learning multiplication facts is as easy as singing your favorite song. Kids are sure to get in the groove with tight hip-hop harmonies and cool authentic rap perfect for older students. Includes facts with and without the answers, and with delayed answers, to teach facts 0-12. Kids will learn about the “just think of doubles” idea, “The Order Property,” “The Zero Property,” and much more! The concept of Skip Counting is presented in “Hey, It’s Easy Just Count By 5s,” as well as other strategies to make learning multiplication easy and fun. This album is perfect for at home learning, distance learning, schools, and traveling. Music is a great way to teach basic skills.

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1. Let's Multiply By Zero 0:02:55 $0.99 - Add to Cart
2. The Answer Stays The Same 0:01:47 $0.99 - Add to Cart
3. Just Think Of Doubles 0:03:22 $0.99 - Add to Cart
4. We're Learning The 3s And 4s 0:06:06 $0.99 - Add to Cart
5. Hey, It's Easy! Just Count By 5s 0:03:41 $0.99 - Add to Cart
6. What Happens? 0:04:20 $0.99 - Add to Cart
7. No Turning back 0:05:50 $0.99 - Add to Cart
8. The Nines Are So Divine 0:02:40 $0.99 - Add to Cart
9. Counting By Tens 0:02:50 $0.99 - Add to Cart
10. Hi. It's Time To Multiply 0:05:31 $0.99 - Add to Cart
11. We'll Save The Best For Last 0:02:12 $0.99 - Add to Cart
12. Multiplication Rap For The Expert (without answers) 0:12:06 $0.99 - Add to Cart
13. Multiplication Rap For The Expert (with answers) 0:12:06 $0.99 - Add to Cart


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