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Gently arranged for little ears this compilation features some of Mozart’s greatest works. Studies show that introducing children to music at a young age will inspire creative development, increase IQ performance, enhance spatial reasoning, and encourage the love of music for later in life. This collection is inspired by our belief that music is powerful and contributes much to both the learning environment and the learning process. Neonatologists believe that unborn babies are active listeners around 24 weeks, can recognize their mother’s voice, and respond to different sounds. The ear is the first organ to develop inside the embryo, so these beautifully arranged classics are wonderful to play before and after baby is born. These calming masterpieces are perfect for at home learning, distance learning, schools, day care centers, traveling, or anytime you want to instill a place of tranquility.

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1. Ah! Vous Dirai-je, Maman K.265 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star 0:03:13 $0.99 - Add to Cart
2. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K.525 0:03:47 $0.99 - Add to Cart
3. Sonata In C Major (Sonata Facile) K.545 - Second Movement Theme Minuet - Mozart 0:02:22 $0.99 - Add to Cart
4. Minuet - Mozart 0:02:10 $0.99 - Add to Cart
5. Sonata In A Major K.331 First Movement - Mozart 0:03:40 $0.99 - Add to Cart
6. Isis Und Osiris - From The Magic Flute 0:03:38 $0.99 - Add to Cart
7. German Dance - Mozart 0:01:42 $0.99 - Add to Cart
8. Der Vogelfanger Bin Ich Ja - from The Magic Flute 0:03:09 $0.99 - Add to Cart
9. La Ci Darem La mano, Allegro 0:02:42 $0.99 - Add to Cart
10. Piano Concerto In C Major K.467 - Second Movement Theme 0:04:46 $0.99 - Add to Cart
11. Deh, Vieni Alla Finestra, Serenade 0:03:34 $0.99 - Add to Cart
12. Ein Madchen Oder Weibchen 0:06:28 $0.99 - Add to Cart
13. La Ci Darem La mano, Andante 0:03:21 $0.99 - Add to Cart
14. Minuet In F Major -Mozart 0:02:17 $0.99 - Add to Cart
15. Sonata In D Major K.284 Theme - Mozart 0:02:29 $0.99 - Add to Cart
16. Concerto For Clarinet In B Flat Major K.622 - Third Movement Theme 0:02:50 $0.99 - Add to Cart
17. Dove Sono 0:06:18 $0.99 - Add to Cart


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