Traveling Sing-Along

Ages: Toddler - 7
Grades: PreK - 2

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Includes: Cover Art, MP3 Recording
Product Description

These 12 lively tunes will keep your child focused on the music not the distance. We all know long trips are torture for kids, but a sing-along songs are a great way to keep occupied and have fun!

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1. Big Rigs 03:01

2. I Wonder What Flying is Like 01:53

3. A Bulldozer Operator I Will Be 01:55

4. The Wheels On The Bus 02:00

5. Eensy, Weensy Spider 01:31

6. Sing Your Way Home 02:12

7. The Ants Came Marching 03:23

8. What Is A Mammal? 02:59

9. What Is A Reptile? 04:15

10. My Aunt Came Back 01:09

11. A Sailor Went To Sea 00:34

12. All The Children Of The World Reprise 03:10

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