Toddler Laugh and Sing

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Can you wiggle your fingers? Can you wiggle your toes? Being silly will have your happy toddler following directions and laughing along with these engaging, sing-along songs. Little learners will also be introduced to rhyming words, beginning letter sounds, counting to ten, and more! From the farmer’s favorite dog BINGO to the original “Smelly Feet,” children will be happily entertained all while learning basic skills.

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1. I Can Wiggle 01:30

2. Can You Swing Your Arms? 01:35

3. B-I-N-G-O 01:31

4. Silly Alphabet Song   01:39

5. A Little Cat, Cat, Cat 01:06

6. At The Farm Sing-Along 01:57

7. Old MacDonald’s Letter Farm 01:43

8. Five Little Skunks 03:30

9. Can You Name That Animal Sound?    
10. Duck, Duck, Goose! 02:33

11. A Is For Alligator 03:04

12. Ten Little Fish 02:47

13. Smelly Feet 01:17

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