At Home Learning Patriotic Songs

Ages: 3 - 12
Grades: PreK - 6

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Learning at home is as easy as singing your favorite song. This album is packed with stirring arrangements of patriotic songs that are great to listen and sing-along with for the entire family! From “America the Beautiful,” and “The Star-Spangled Banner,” to the upbeat favorite, “You’re A Grand Old Flag,” children, parents, and grandparents will feel a sense of patriotism and love for the great U.S.A! Plus, what could be easier than singing through the names of each state and learning each state’s capital? With a fun song, kids will sing through each state slowly, and then the song will repeat in double time, for extra excitement and practice. Then, memorizing each state’s capital is a breeze with our original, “Learning Our Capitals,” song! Kids of all ages will put down their devices, and jump up to sing, march, move, and just have a great time learning. Perfect for at home learning, distance learning, family picnics, patriotic holidays, and schools.

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1. America The Beautiful 05:15

2. The Star-Spangled Banner 05:02

3. You’re A Grand Old Flag 02:22

4. The Stars And Stripes Forever 03:29

5. America 03:25

6. Yankee Doodle / Yankee Doodle Dandy 02:35

7. There Are Many Flags 02:18

8. The Battle Hymn Of The Republic 03:48

9. Armed Services Medley 04:24

10. Columbia The Gem Of The Ocean 02:42

11. Thank You, Mr. President    
12. Singing Our States Slow 02:14

13. Singing Our States Fast 01:17

14. Learning Our Capitals 03:55

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