The Importance Of Friendship and 5 Books That Encourage It

Mar 8, 2022 | blog

Friendship is something that everyone seeks out throughout their lives. For young children, learning about the importance of friendship and what it means to be a good friend is important. Here are just five of the many books that Twin Sisters Digital Media offers about friends! Your kiddo will love them!

It’s important to teach children about the value of friendship from an early age. Your child can start to improve their social skills very young so that they’re excellent friends by the time school comes around! Friendship can be a bit of a difficult concept to teach, so Twin Sisters Digital Media offers some eBooks that can help. Here are five titles that will teach kiddos about friendship.

Kindness Matters

Kindness Matters is a short story designed for children in grades Pre-K to 2nd Grade. This story is part of the “Life Skills for Kids” series and focuses on emotional skills. Kindness Matters will teach your child to treat everyone with kindness, take turns, be polite, and appreciate their friends. Vibrant illustrations accompany the text, as do authentic sound effects and lively music! This is an excellent option for teaching younger children about basic friendship etiquette. The story will keep them captivated while still teaching them valuable life skills!

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Image representing cover art for My First Day At School

My First Day At School

This story is perfect for little ones heading to school for the first time. My First Day At School has 24 pages and is suitable for preschoolers to second graders. What’s the story about? It’s Amy’s first day of school and she is a little nervous. So Amy’s mother gives her a big hug and shows her a folded piece of paper. Then she quickly puts the paper in Amy’s pocket and tells her to open it if she needs a little help. Follow Amy throughout her day as she meets new friends, eats lunch, and plays on the playground. What will happen when Amy falls, scrapes both of her knees, and has to go see the school nurse? Will she look at the folded piece of paper in her pocket? A positive ending will add interest and help calm young students’ nerves about attending the first day of school. You child will also learn about how meeting new friends is fun and a great way to overcome nervousness. Amy’s new friends help her get through the day, so your child will feel encouraged to talk to their classmates!

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A New Friend For Me

If you’re looking for a silly story that will have your child giggling, look no further! A New Friend For Me follows Montague Morton Meriwether Smith at his new school. During show and tell, one student’s pet snake escapes from its box. The story follows the class for one week, showcasing what happens with the snake and how Montague makes a cool new friend. There are sound effects and music that accompanies the story to keep children actively engaged. Your child will learn how you can make friends from unlikely circumstances. This book is best for toddlers through 7-year-olds and consists of 24 pages with text and vibrant images!

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Two Is Safer Than One

Having friends can help to keep your child safe. Two Is Safer Than One will teach children to always use the buddy system with their friends. This is a story/song combination that your child will want to enjoy again and again! The friends in this story are adorable monsters drawn with bright colors and realistic textures. Kids will love all of the characters in Two Is Safer Than One and will learn that the buddy system is more safe and more fun than doing things alone. This is a valuable lesson on the importance of friendship and will encourage safe behavior at a young age.

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The Ugly Duckling

Everyone knows the story of the Ugly Duckling, and we offer a unique way to introduce it to your children. This follow-along story comes complete with stunning illustrations of adorable animals! Your child will learn about how the other animals on the farm teased and picked on the ugly duckling. At the end, he becomes a beautiful swan that everyone loves! This story teaches kids to be kind to everyone and appreciate them for exactly who they are. Friends can all look or seem very different, but they’re great friends nonetheless. The Ugly Duckling will discourage bullying and encourage inclusion from a young age. For school-age children, this story teaches a very valuable lesson.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some of Twin Sister Digital Media’s eBooks about friendship. We believe learning positive social skills is crucial for children, but we want them to learn in a fun and engaging way. Our ebooks are simple to follow along with and usually include sound effects or music! We also offer songs, activity books, and other interactive media that cover a range of topics for children. Check out to browse our entire library. Happy reading!