Colors and Shapes

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Title Download
1. WCJPHO19_01_Colors.mp3 Download
2. WCJPHO19_02_LearningOurShapes.mp3 Download
3. WCJPHO19_03_ILikeColors.mp3 Download
4. WCJPHO19_04_ShapesInTheWorld.mp3 Download
5. WCJPHO19_05_FollowMyDirections.mp3 Download
6. WCJPHO19_06_WhatColorAreYouWearing.mp3 Download
7. WCJPHO19_07_LookUpHighLookDownLow.mp3 Download
8. WCJPHO19_08_SammySue.mp3 Download
9. WCJPHO19_09_PaintedWalls.mp3 Download
10. WCJPHO19_10_SillyShapes.mp3 Download