TOP Sunday School Songs

Ages: Toddler - 7
Grades: PreK - 2

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Sung by kids for kids, this collection of Sunday school songs is just what you need if you teach at church and want to get kids excited about learning about God and the Bible. It’s also a perfect collection for home and in the car. Sing the truth that “Jesus Loves The Little Children,” and find out “Who Did Swallow Jonah?” with these positive, upbeat songs that teach young hearts about God.

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1. Zacchaeus 01:21

2. One Door And Only One 0:52

3. The Happy Day Express 0:56

4. Happy All The Time 0:52

5. Climb, Climb Up Sunshine Mountain 01:25

6. Come And Go With Me 01:03

7. I Love To Take A Walk 01:39

8. God Made Me 01:39

9. I Thank God For You 0:49

10. Father Abraham 01:59

11. This Is My Commandment / Deep And Wide 02:36

12. He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands 02:24

13. Who Did Swallow Jonah? 01:53

14. Jesus Loves The Little Children / Jesus Loves Me 04:45

15. I Am A C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N / Down In My Heart 02:30

16. Who Built The Ark? 02:52

17. I’m In The Lord’s Army 02:17

18. Love, Love 01:34

19. Blessed Be The Name / Ho, Ho, Ho, Hosanna 02:15

20. Silver And Gold Have I None 03:43

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