It’s Night-Night Time

Ages: Toddler - 4
Grades: PreK - PreK

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Includes: Cover Art, MP3 Recording
Product Description

“It’s Night-night time, time to go to sleep!” The tender poem is simply read aloud then sung. The rest of the album has the perfect, soft lullabies for bedtime and will relax your little one before he falls asleep.

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1. It’s Night Night Time Read Along 02:22

2. It’s Night Night Time Sing Along 03:24

3. All The Pretty Little Horses 02:53

4. Rock-A-Bye Baby 02:46

5. Brahms’ Lullaby 02:18

6. Golden Slumbers 02:07

7. Go To Sleep 03:17

8. Hush, Little Baby 02:20

9. Dance To Your Daddy 02:06

10. All Through The Night 03:06

11. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star 02:00

12. Sou Gan 02:43

13. Now The Day Is Over 02:13

14. Sleep, Baby Sleep 03:07

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