BEST Party Songs

Ages: 3 - 8
Grades: PreK - 3

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Kids will love these party songs perfect for Birthday celebrations or rainy day fun. From the favorite “Let’s Play Musical Chairs,” to the fun “Duck, Duck, Goose,” kids of all ages will have a blast singing along and playing these games. Learn the “New Happy Birthday Song,” and follow the directions in “Simon Says!” Great for home or school parties.

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1. The New Happy Birthday Song 02:29

2. Today Is My Birthday 01:27

3. Birthday Bee Bop 02:19

4. One Hundred Bottles Of Pop 01:37

5. Pass The Hot Potato 05:48

6. Let’s Play Musical Chairs 07:16

7. Simon Says 04:53

8. Duck, Duck, Goose! 02:33

9. What Color Are You Wearing? 02:16

10. Ten Layer Birthday Cake 01:56

11. Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes 03:14

12. Birthday Limbo 03:32

13. Pin The Bow On The Birthday Bear 01:37

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