About The Twin Sisters®

Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand and Kim Mitzo Thompson are the twins behind Twin Sisters® Digital Media. Starting out with one album titled “Rap With The Facts – Multiplication” written for Kim’s 3rd grade class to help students memorize their facts they decided to form a record label in 1987. Together they have led the company through 30 years of dynamic changes in the music and now publishing industry. Starting out as a record label dedicated to teaching children through music their discography grew to the 3300 songs written, recorded, and fully owned by the twin sisters. When Napster changed the music scene with the idea of all music being “FREE”, Karen knew the company had to adapt and change. During this time, in 2006, Twin Sisters shifted from only music products to becoming a more rounded educational products company servicing the retail segment. They also started their digital distribution with the start of iTunes.

By 2014 the entire book publishing industry started to go digital with the broad reach of tablets for children and smart phones.  Twin Sisters again changed their strategy to focus solely on building a comprehensive sustainable recurring revenue stream through intellectual property licensing of their content. Twin Sisters® Digital Media was then rebranded and thousands of innovated products were added to the line over the next several years.

The team invested in a central database of all of their content, called Pub Hub that could easily be distributed to their hundreds of growing partners. Their main content areas include:

  • Songs – (3300+)
  • Digital Albums – (550+)
  • Audio Books – (700+)
  • E-Books – (500+)
  • Video’s – (250+)
  • Sheet Music (200+)
  • Teacher Resources (1000+)
  • Sound Effects (200+)
  • Art Library (15,000+)
  • Augmented Reality Books and Apps (25+)

Keeping up with the technical changes the books are enhanced with audio, video, and animations while projects are being explored with AR and VR components to aid in the learning experience.

Customers include music streaming sites such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and more. E-Book sites include EPIC, Meegenius, Farfaria, SCRBD, and hundreds more! Audio book sites such as Playaway and video sites such as YouTube also showcase the Twin Sister’s products. Physical products are licensed to various large publishers worldwide such as Barbour Publishing, Landoll, PBS Publishing, Bendon International, and Scholastic Asia. Endless accounts are now providing ways for children to learn on phones, tablets, smart boards, and computers.

The Twin Sisters and their staff is developing over 150 new products per quarter in these segments  to grow all of the different digital channels.  (All product copyrights are fully owned by the twin sisters in Twin Sisters IP, LLC.)

By keeping up with AR, VR, EPUB, HTML 5 and other innovations in publishing the company plans on being the leader in providing content to companies specializing in educating children.

Karen’s past experience as an Industrial Engineer brings warehousing, distribution, logistics, project management, technical and financial management skills to the organization. Her recognizing industry trends and being adaptable, has helped the company succeed for over 30 years which is why she was chosen as one of the 50 SMART Business Owners of 2017 award for Innovation.

Kim graduated from The University of Akron with a Master’s Degree in “Integrating  the Arts in the Elementary School Curriculum.” Her teaching degree has allowed her to create educational and inspirational products for children worldwide. Her love of music and teaching is what continues to inspire her to write hundreds of exceptional products each year.

Their many awards and accomplishments include:

*          RIAA Certified Recipient of a Platinum Album for “Nature Sounds” signifying sales of over 1,000,000 units sold.                     (Now with sales over 2 million albums)

*          RIAA Certified Recipient of 9 Gold Albums for Nature Sounds, Phonics, Classical Music, 102 Children’s Songs, Traditional Lullabies, Christmas Jazz, Christmas Memories, Acoustic Christmas, and Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child signifying sales of over 500,000 units per title.

  • Recipient of over 170 National Awards for educational excellence, creativity, play value and classroom and family fun – National Parenting Publications Award, Dr. Toy’s Best Children’s Products, Learning Magazine’s Teacher Choice Award, The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, iParenting Media Award, Parent’s Guide “Children’s Media Award, Children’s Music Web Awards, Film Advisory board Award Of Excellence, Museum Store Association Buyer’s Choice, American Bookseller’s Pick Of The Lists, United States Commerce and Trade Research Institute’s Excellence Award for Media Internet, and more.


  • Voting Member of NARAS – Grammy Awards for 25 years


  • Sales of over 50 million albums

Social media sites include: