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The Ultimate Kids’ Halloween Party resource – jokes, games, recipes and pumpkin carving patterns to make your Halloween party unforgettable!

Recipes Include: Bug Blood, Slime Juice, Boiling Witch’s Cauldron, Sewer Slurpies, Vampire’s Blood Shake, Spider Guts Cake, Kitty Litter Cake, Dead Finger Cookies, Monstermallows, Chopped Off Fingers Pizza, Cheesy Fingers, Baked Eyeballs, Fruity Skewered Eyeballs, Frog’s Eye Salad, Dinner in a Pumpkin, Cheesy Candy Corn, Cadaver Dip, and Fried Spiders!
Party Games Include: Sock wrestling, Witchy Wart, Pumpkin Leg Toss, Zombie Tag, Halloween Pumpkin Hunt, Pumpkin Bowling, Pass the Witchs’ Broom, Ghost Catcher, Halloween Memory Game, Monster Statues, Mummy Maker, Scary Message, Zombies, Ghost Waiter, Ring the Witch Hat, Halloween Bone Hunt, Who’s The Ghost, The Legend of Herbert Smear, Soda Roulette, Egg Float, Eyeball Relay, Worm Feast, Homemade Boogers, Spider T-Shirts, Pumpkin Lantern and Dangling Donuts.
Also Includes 11 pumpkin carving patterns and 22 Halloween themed jokes!
60 Minutes of Eerie Sounds:
• Restless Wind
• Trembling Thunderstorm
• Deep In the Dark Forest
• Monster Chains
• Haunted Entrance
• Following Footsteps
• Ghastly Graveyard Ghosts
• Bubbling Cauldron
• Banging Shutters
• Pipe Organs
Note: The purchase of this book entitles the buyer to reproduce worksheets and activities for home or classroom use only, not for commercial resale. Reproduction of these materials for an entire school district is prohibited.


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