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The Ultimate Halloween craft, recipe & party resource!

Crafts Include: Creepy Spider, Paper Treat Bags, Paper Plate Ghosts, Paper Plate Pumpkins, Ghost Lanterns, Doughy Ghost Town, Footprint Ghosts, Spooky Eyes, Glue Ghosts, Blue Goop, Spider Bracelets, Skeleton Art, and Haunted Soles.
Recipes Include: Gruesome Brew, Worms In the Mud, Green Eye Pie, Skull Cakes, Chocolate Covered Bugs, Worms on a Bun, Egg Eyeballs, Boogers on a Stick, Bone Sandwiches, Bone Bread, Miniature Tombstones, Simple Pimples, English Mummies, Brain Bread, Worm Burgers, Wormy Baked Apples, Scrambled Scarecrow, Barf Dip, and Mashed Potato Caterpillars.
Party Games Include: Halloween Sticker Stalker, Spider Obstacle Course, Bug Hunt, Spider Web, Belching Contest, Face to Face, Poor Kitty, Ghost Catcher, Mummy Hands, Weaving a Scary Tale, Bat Walk, SPUD, Broomstick Relay, What Is It? Icky Cobwebs, Worms in a Pie, Lost Eyeballs, Monster Soup, and What Smells?!
Also Includes 10 pumpkin carving patterns and 34 Halloween themed jokes!
60 Minutes of Eerie Sounds:
• Restless Wind
• Trembling Thunderstorm
• Deep In the Dark Forest
• Monster Chains
• Haunted Entrance
• Following Footsteps
• Ghastly Graveyard Ghosts
• Bubbling Cauldron
• Banging Shutters
• Pipe Organs
Note: The purchase of this book entitles the buyer to reproduce worksheets and activities for home or classroom use only, not for commercial resale. Reproduction of these materials for an entire school district is prohibited.


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