Summertime Fun

It’s summertime! That means it’s time for playing and fun, everyday! Children and parents alike will learn seven different fun songs to sing while going on their family vacation, picnics or by the campfire! Then we end with Teddy’s family vacation. When the little teddy bear gets lost in the woods while on his way to the lake, that’s when ...Read more

Creatures of the Deep

Prepare for an adventure into the big blue sea! Children will sing and learn about fish, seahorses, whales and walruses. There will be surprising fun facts for children and parents alike. Inspire the wannabe marine biologist with this collection of fact-based songs! *Songs are approved by Sea World’s Zoology Department! ...Read more

Helping Our Planet

Children will sing and learn about weather and the four seasons! Then we’ll dive into songs and stories that are full of tips and ideas on how we can each do our part to help protect the planet we love. Engaging songs and a fact filled story will leave children more informed on how we can all go green. ...Read more

Into Space: Blast Off!

Fun for the young, aspiring astronaut who dreams of becoming a space traveler! Children will learn the history of space travel, the possibility of living in space someday, weightlessness, what’s required of an astronaut and more. These songs are approved and recommended by NASA! ...Read more

Protons, Neutrons and Electrons

Why does it do that? How does that work? Inspire the world’s next great physicist with these engaging songs about electricity, magnets, force, sound, light, protons, neutrons, electrons, levers, pulleys, simple machines and more! ...Read more

The Chemistry Review

Young scientists will be introduced to chemistry and what a chemist does. Children will learn about atoms, compounds, mixtures, elements, forming a hypothesis, and conducting experiments. These are great songs will be sure to get kids interested in the subject! Science taught through engaging and fun music is great learning fun for young chemists! ...Read more

Hopping Into Reading

After a chilly winter comes blooming flowers and beautiful weather for spring. Sing along to the Easter Bunny and Betty Bunny! Then find out what happens when Jeremy’s stuffed bunny goes missing in Pershey the Rabbit. Finally, get ready to not only sing about ducks and geese, but to learn how to play a fun game called Duck, Duck, Goo ...Read more

There’s An Elephant in the Bathtub

Meet Benji, a little boy with a giant imagination, when he hears night time noises as he’s trying to fall asleep. And uh-oh! The bathtub overflows with bubbles in our first song, “The Bubbles Went Flyin!” What’s that I see way up high? That cloud looks like “An Elephant in the Sky?”  Get excited for singing, blue skies, and ...Read more

Let’s Go On A Dinosaur Dig!

Even though dinosaurs are extinct, we are still learning more about these amazing creatures every day. Children will learn about the fascinating occupation of a paleontologist and then go on a dinosaur dig with tools and all! Young scientists will sing about the mean meat-eating dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex and meet a young boy that imagines wh ...Read more

2019 Book Excellence Award Winner!

A Marvelous Plan In Bethlehem was the Children’s religious winner at the 2019 Book Excellence Awards!  More on the contest and winners can be read here: http://www.kake.com/story/40795088/announcing-the-2019-book-excellence-award-winners Book Excellence Awards – Winner: https://honorees.bookexcellenceawards.com/#!/A-Marvelous-Plan-I ...Read more