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Ages: 4 - 9
Grades: Kindergarten - 4

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Kids will explore the wonderful world of science and learn about dinosaurs, space, insects, marine biology, chemistry, physics, the weather, and more, with this collection of sing-along songs. From learning that koalas are not bears, to what makes an “insect an insect,” young children will gain a wealth of knowledge as they listen, sing, and learn fun facts about a variety of different science themes. Perfect for classrooms, at home learning, traveling, science clubs, and just plain learning fun!

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1. When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Marine Biologist 02:28

2. What Is A Mammal? 02:59

3. What Is An Insect? 03:26

4. Is It Sugar, Or Is It Salt? 01:56

5. What Is The Smallest Part? 02:30

6. An Educated Guess! 03:47

7. Space Colonies 01:57

8. It’s Called Chemistry 03:06

9. What Does A Chemist Do? 02:50

10. Koalas Are Not Bears 02:05

11. Can We Live In Space    
12. Experiment To Make A Change 01:56

13. The Weather’s Always Changing 02:04

14. What Is A Reptile? 04:15

15. What Kind Of Mouth Do You Have? 02:08

16. What Are Amphibians? 01:57

17. The Sun Is So Important 02:44

18. What Does A Physicist Do? 02:15

19. Levers, Pulleys, And Simple Machines 03:12

20. Let’s Go On A Dinosaurs Dig 02:19

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