States & Capitals Activity Book

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Includes: Teacher Resources ZIP, Teacher Resources Cover Art
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Learning the 50 United States and their capitals is as easy as singing a familiar tune! Introduce each state with an interesting fact about the state’s history, geography or a famous attraction. Learn the states in alphabetical order—slow at first and then double-time for even more fun! Finally, learn each state and its capital in rhythm. The 48-page companion workbook features a profile of each state: Region, Abbreviation, Statehood, Nickname, Capital, Largest City, Size, Population, Industry, Bordering States, Presidents, Flower, Tree, Bird, and Flag. Create your own Map Adventure highlighting the states you’ve visited. The Pocket-sized Study Guide is great review anytime, anywhere. Play the “What State Am I?” question and answer game or sort, compare, and collect the states with The United States Trading Card Game.

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