Rejoice! Split-Track

Ages: 3 - 8
Grades: PreK - 3

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Includes: Cover Art, MP3 Recording
Product Description

Perform the Bible choruses from Rejoice! with these split-tracks by adjusting your speaker balance to hear only vocals or instrumentals.This album is great for singing along or just listening to the soft instrumentals!

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1. Praise Him, Praise Him / Hallelu, Hallelu (Split-Track)    
2. Give Me Oil In My Lamp (Split-Track)    
3. Rise And Shine (Split-Track)    
4. Kum Ba Yah (Split-Track)    
5. Praise The Lord Together (Split-Track)    
6. Behold, Behold (Split-Track)    
7. I’m In The Lord’s Army (Split-Track)    
8. I’m Gonna Sing / Rejoice In The Lord Always (Split-Track)    
9. Jesus Is All The World To Me (Split-Track)    
10. Oh, Be Careful Little Eyes (Split-Track)    
11. Everybody Ought to Know / He Is Lord (Split-Track)    
12. Love, Love (Split-Track)    
13. Blessed Be The Name / Ho, Ho, Ho, Hosanna (Split-Track)    
14. Heavenly Father, I Appreciate You / God Is So Good    
15. Do Lord (Split-track)    
16. Come Bless The Lord / Jesus In The Morning (Split-Track)    
17. The Lord Is My Shepherd / Isn’t He Wonderful (Split-Track)    
18. Alive, Alive (Split-Track)    

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