Ages: 3 - 10
Grades: PreK - 5

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Inspire the wannabe marine biologist with this collection of fact-based songs! Sing and learn about sponges, sea turtles, manatees, sea horses, dolphins, whales, the octopus, great white shark, sea otters and more! *Approved and recommended by Sea World’s Zoology Department!

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1. When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Marine Biologist 02:28

2. Adventures By The Ocean 01:20

3. I Need A Sponge To Take A Bath 03:02

4. Save The Sea Turtles 03:41

5. Manatees Are Lovable, Huge Things 03:18

6. Male Sea Horses Do Amazing Things 03:02

7. It’s The Dolphin Symphony 03:47

8. They’re Really Blubbery 02:07

9. Blue Whale, Blue Whale 02:15

10. Shy Octopus 02:60

11. I’m The Great White Shark 02:49

12. Sea Otter Won’t You Play With Me? 02:57

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