Mommy’s Lullabies

Ages: Baby - 4
Grades: PreK - PreK

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Includes: Cover Art, MP3 Recording
Product Description

Hushed, quiet, vocal arrangements of traditional lullabies will keep baby sleeping through the night. Mommy’s Lullabies can be played for nap time or bed time and is made to relax little ones, so they can calmly fall asleep.

Track Runtime Add to Cart
1. Rock-A-Bye Baby 02:09

2. Golden Slumbers    
3. Mozart’s Lullaby 03:04

4. Mammy Loves 01:51

5. Hush, Little Baby    
6. It’s Night, Night Time 01:46

7. Go To Sleep    
8. Sou Gan    
9. Raisins And Almonds    
10. The Sandman Comes    
11. Brahms’ Lullaby    
12. Go To Sleep, Little One    

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