God – Faithful and True Split-Track

Ages: Baby
Grades: PreK

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Includes: Cover Art, MP3 Recording
Product Description

Perform the tracks from GOD- Faithful and True by adjusting the speaker balance to remove the vocals! This album features a contemporary, pop-music sound.

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1. You Give Victory (Split-Track)

2. Faithful And True (Split-Track)

3. You Are The Rock (Split-Track)

4. Creator Of All Things (Split-Track)

5. Lifter Of My Head (Split-Track)

6. Shadrach, Meshach, And Abednego (Split-Track)

7. You Have A Plan (Split-Track)

8. When I Needed You Most (Split-Track)

9. In God Alone (Split-Track)

10. Do It For You (Split-Track)

11. For Me (Split-Track)

12. Praise The Lord (Split-Track)


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