Fun Traveling Songs

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Don’t let traveling in a car, or by boat, plane, or train be stressful any longer! Enjoy classic traveling songs and sing your way to any location. Engaging songs with superb instrumentation with have the littlest travelers clapping, singing, and enjoying the ride.

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1. The Wheels On The Bus 01:49

2. Honk, Rattle, Crash, Beep

3. Traveling Is A Dream

4. Big Rigs 03:01

5. Big Rock Candy Mountains 03:23

6. I’ve Been Working On The Railroad 01:13

7. A Bulldozer Operator I Will Be 01:55

8. The Wabash Cannonball 01:57

9. Have You Ever, Ever, Ever? 02:46

10. Sing Your Way Home 02:12

11. I Wonder What Flying Is Like 01:53

12. Had A Little Rooster 05:19

13. I Love The Mountains 02:15

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