Favorite Learning Songs

Ages: Toddler - 8
Grades: PreK - 3

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Includes: Cover Art, MP3 Recording
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Learning early childhood concepts is easy and fun with these 26 new and traditional songs. Young children will learn the alphabet, numbers, counting, colors, shapes, following simple directions, and more! Kids will sing, march, clap and be happily entertained for hours. Perfect for home, school and travel!

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1. The ABC Song    
2. B-I-N-G-O    
3. Ten In The Bed    
4. Six Little Ducks    
5. What Color Are You Wearing? 02:15

6. ABC Nursery Rhyme Game    
7. Old MacDonald Had A Farm    
8. I Met A Bear    
9. Can You Swing Your Arms? 01:32

10. Can You Swing Your Arms? 01:32

11. Ten Little Fish    
12. Say “Please” And “Thank You” 01:21

13. The Muffin Man 0:58

14. It’s Time To Clean Up 0:57

15. There’s No One Like Me 02:46

16. Let Everyone Clap Hands Like Me    
17. A Is For Alligator 03:04

18. Jump Rope Rhyme 01:52

19. Learning Our Short Vowels 01:44

20. Days Of The Week 02:42

21. Learning Our Short Vowels 01:44

22. Learning Our Long Vowels 02:53

23. Just One More 02:44

24. How Many Ducks?    
25. Sing Through The Year 02:16

26. Learning To Add Is Fun 03:00

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