Colors & Shapes Instrumental

Ages: Toddler
Grades: PreK

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Includes: Cover Art, MP3 Recording
Product Description

Instrumental performance tracks of the 11 songs that teach the basics from the original Colors & Shapes album. These arrangements are great for school performances or teaching your own kids at home. Test your child with this instrumental album to see if they have learned their colors and shapes. If they can sing through each song, they will not easily forget these important lessons!

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1. All The Children Of The World [Instrumental]

2. Colors [Instrumental]

3. Billy Boy [Instrumental]

4. Look Up High, Look Down Low [Instrumental]

5. Froggy, You’re So Green [Instrumental]

6. Painted Walls [Instrumental]

7. Learning Our Shapes [Instrumental]

8. Sammy Sue [Instrumental]

9. Silly Shapes [Instrumental]

10. All The Children Of The World Reprise [Instrumental]


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