Bilingual Songs for Kids

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Little learners will sing familiar songs in English and then the same song in Spanish. From the popular “If You’re Happy And You Know It,” to the fun “The Farmer In The Dell,” these sing-along classics will have everyone learning a second language as well as basic early childhood skills.

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1. Row, Row, Row Your Boat    
2. Remo, Remo, Remo El Barco 0:53

3. The Farmer In The Dell    
4. El Granjero En Su Valle 01:54

5. If You’re Happy And You Know It    
6. Si Estas Alegre 01:11

7. The Wheels On The Bus    
8. Las Ruedas Del Bus 02:00

9. Make New Friends 01:01

10. Crea Nuevos Amigos 01:01

11. Six Little Ducks 01:09

12. Seis Patitos 01:10

13. Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?    
14. Donde Se Fue Mi Perrito? 01:29

15. I Like Colors Sing Along 02:29

16. ¡Me Gustan Los Colores! 02:31

17. Ten Little Fish 02:47

18. Diez Pececitos    
19. This Old Man    
20. Este Viejito 02:00

21. The More We Sing Together    
22. Cuanto Más Cantemos Juntos 01:05

23. Counting To Ten    
24. Contando A Diez    

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