At The Beach

Ages: Baby - 6
Grades: PreK - 1

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Includes: Cover Art, MP3 Recording
Product Description

Studies prove that playing music to children at a young age will inspire creative development, enhance spatial reasoning, and increase IQ performance. This collection of bedtime and lullaby songs will soothe, relax, and calm little ones as the sweet melodies are woven together with nature sounds. Ocean waves, flowing waters, gentle breezes, singing birds, and other nature sounds will encourage the whole family to fall asleep. These original instrumental arrangements are perfect for nap time, bedtime, or anytime!

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1. Beach Walk 05:11

2. Flowing Waters 05:15

3. Island Dreams 06:33

4. Good Morning Sweetheart 06:42

5. Nature’s Symphony 07:07

6. Garden Footpath 05:45

7. Carefree At The Shore 06:56

8. By The Sea 06:38

9. Nature’s Chorus    
10. Meadow Song    
11. Nature Nocturne 05:46

12. My Playful Friends 04:52

13. Mother’s Sound 04:51

14. Gentle Breeze Of Autumn 05:09

15. I See A Rainbow 03:00

16. Night Song 05:07

17. Moonlight 07:49

18. Blowing Wind 06:15

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