At Home Learning Songs For 5 Year Olds

Ages: 4 - 7
Grades: PreK - 1

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Learning at home is as easy as singing your favorite song. This album is packed with songs that teach letter sounds, safety rules, science themes, animal facts, counting by tens, imaginative play, and so much more! Perfect for the adventurous 5-year old, repetitive lyrics and catchy melody lines will provide hours of entertainment and learning fun! Kids of all ages will put down their devices, and jump up to sing, dance, march, and just have a great time learning. Perfect for at home learning, distance learning, day care centers, schools, or traveling.

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1. The Buddy System 03:19

2. I’m A Special Person 02:00

3. What Color Are You Wearing? 02:15

4. Singing The Consonant Sounds 04:34

5. Silly Alphabet Song   01:39

6. Learning Our Short Vowels 01:44

7. Learning Our Long Vowels 02:53

8. Koalas Are Not Bears 02:05

9. What Is An Insect? 03:26

10. Sing Through The Year 02:16

11. Days Of The Week 02:42

12. What Does A Zoologist Do All Day? 02:55

13. Rhyming Word Rule 02:29

14. I’m Lost! 02:01

15. Two Is Safer Than One 01:30

16. Let’s Go On A Dinosaurs Dig 02:19

17. What Colors Were The Dinosaurs? 02:10

18. When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Zoologist 02:24

19. Let’s Play Make-Believe 03:11

20. Counting By Tens 01:47

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