At Home Learning Movement Songs

Ages: Toddler - 6
Grades: PreK - 1

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Learning at home is as easy as singing your favorite song. This album is packed with fun action and movement songs that will keep kids and parents entertained and singing along for hours! Featuring our all-original, “Pass The Hot Potato,” “Let’s Play Musical Chairs,” “Simon Says,” “It’s Silly Time,” and “Duck, Duck, Goose,” these fun songs will have everyone running, moving, following directions, and having a great time. These lively movement songs are perfect for rainy days, birthday parties, camping trips, family vacations, or anytime! Kids, of all ages, will put down their devices, and jump up to sing, march, move, and just have a great time! Perfect for at home learning, distance learning, day care centers, and schools.

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1. I Can Wiggle 01:30

2. It’s Silly Time    
3. Birthday Limbo 03:32

4. Simon Says 04:53

5. Duck, Duck, Goose! 02:33

6. What Color Are You Wearing? 02:15

7. The Wheels On The Bus 02:00

8. Pass The Hot Potato 05:48

9. The Farmer In The Dell 01:35

10. Birthday Bee Bop 02:19

11. If You’re Happy And You Know It 01:08

12. Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes 03:14

13. Let’s Play Musical Chairs 07:16

14. Ten In The Bed 02:05

15. It’s Time To Clean Up 0:57

16. Let Everyone Clap Hands Like Me 01:17

17. Can You Swing Your Arms? 01:32

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