50 Great Americans

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Throughout our history, Americans have distinguished themselves in their
lives and their careers. Fifty of these special people have been selected
for this book. Their backgrounds and talents are very different, yet they
all have something in common: Each has made a significant and lasting
contribution to the world.
Browse through these fun-to-read biographies and colorful pictures and see
history through the eyes of the people who helped shape it, including
inventors, explorers, scientists, business leaders, civic leaders, social workers,
athletes, judges, astronauts, champions of human rights—plus the many
creative artists whose works and performances touched the nation’s heart.
These are people who believed deeply in themselves and their ideas, even if
those ideas challenged the world in which they lived. Their vision—plus a lot
of hard work—helped them accomplish their goals. As Thomas Edison once
said: “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”
This book is divided into six historical periods. Each one is introduced by a
time line that highlights important events of the day, to help you see how our
country grew over the years. Plus, there are fact boxes on every page that
contain an especially interesting nugget of information about each person’s life.

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