30 Preschool Songs

Ages: Toddler
Grades: PreK

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Includes: Cover Art, Song Lyrics, MP3 Recording
Product Description

Preschoolers will learn the alphabet, letter sounds, the days of the week, months of the year, colors, numbers, animals, personal safety rules and so much more with this fun, 30-song collection! This is a broad collection of fun learning songs that will ensure that your child learns these important lessons.

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1. Alphabet Rock

2. Singing The Consonant Sounds

3. Learning Our Short Vowels

4. Learning Our Long Vowels

5. I Like To Write, Spell And Read!

6. If You Know The Sound Of…

7. Days Of The Week

8. Sing Through The Year

9. Where Is That Shape?

10. Colors

11. Look Up High, Look Down Low

12. Ten In The Bed

13. Counting To Ten

14. Can You Name That Animal Sound?

15. Can You Name That Animal Sound?

16. Did You Know That Monkeys Like To Swing?

17. Say “Please” And “Thank You”

18. There’s No One Like Me

19. I’m A Special Person

20. Two Is Safer Than One

21. Just Get Dressed

22. Just Get Dressed

23. The Tag Goes In The Back

24. Zip, Button, Buckle, And Tie

25. My Feelings

26. A Pilot Flies Her Plane, Plane, Plane

27. I Wonder What Flying Is Like

28. All The Children Of The World


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